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No-Fault & Summary Dissolution

A No-Fault Divorce Attorney Explains Your Options in California

Santa Barbara County lawyer helps determine if summary dissolution is right for you

At McCleary (Mac) H. Sanborn, III, Attorney at Law we think it’s important for you to know that you have options when you decide to end your marriage or domestic partnership in California. You may qualify for a summary dissolution, an alternative to traditional divorce. This process allows you to obtain your no-fault divorce much more easily, which can save you a great deal of emotional stress. Summary dissolution is an option for couples dissolving any type of marriage or domestic partnership.

How can I end my marriage through summary dissolution?

A summary dissolution allows certain married couples to finalize their divorce much more quickly than is possible through traditional divorce. Be aware that a summary dissolution is in fact a divorce and not a legal separation. To qualify for a summary dissolution, you and your spouse must meet all of the following requirements:

  • Have been married for fewer than five years
  • Have no natural or adopted children together
  • Own no land or building property
  • Owe less than $6,000 total in shared debts, not including car loans
  • Have less than $38,000 worth of community property, not including cars
  • Own less than $38,000 in separate property, not including cars
  • Agree that no spouse receive spousal support at any time
  • Sign a contract that fairly divides your property and debts, including cars
  • One spouse must have lived in California for six months prior to divorce and have lived in the county where you will file for summary dissolution three months prior

If you meet all of these requirements, you qualify for a summary dissolution and can contact your county clerk to begin filing the necessary forms.

What is the process of summary dissolution for ending domestic partnerships?

Filing for a summary dissolution to end your domestic partnership involves the same requirements and procedures as those for traditional marriage, with two distinctions:

  • Domestic partnerships registered in California do not have to meet residency requirements
  • Both partners must want to dissolve the partnership

Call for help deciding if summary dissolution in Santa Barbara is right for you

For help with a summary dissolution, call McCleary (Mac) H. Sanborn, III, Attorney at Law at (805) 898-2501 or contact us online. I offer a free consultation and serve clients in Santa Barbara and Santa Maria, as well as Santa Ynez, Summerland, Lompoc, Los Olivos, Solvang, Buellton and Carpinteria. My office is conveniently located across from Whole Foods at State & Hitchcock, near La Cumbre Plaza, and offers free parking.

McCleary ("Mac") H. Sanborn, III Attorney at Law
23 Hitchcock Way, Suite 106
Santa Barbara, CA, 93105 USA