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Domestic Violence & Restraining Orders

A Santa Barbara Attorney Protects You Against Domestic Violence

Help with filing a restraining order in California

If you are a victim of domestic abuse, know that you can take action today to protect yourself. The first step is to seek safety: Leave the environment and get away from the abusive person. Call 911. Go to a woman’s shelter. The next step is to file a restraining order. A restraining order forces your attacker to remain out of contact with you under penalty of law. I know taking this step can be frightening, but at McCleary (Mac) H. Sanborn, III, Attorney at Law your safety is my top priority. I work quickly to take the steps needed to ensure your family’s safety. I provide answers to your questions and will process and file all the necessary paperwork.

How do I file for a restraining order in California?

Domestic abuse occurs in many forms. In the state of California, a restraining order can be issued against a spouse if he or she has subjected you to:

  • Verbal abuse
  • Written abuse (including abuse through social media sites)
  • Stalking
  • Physical abuse
  • Sexual abuse
  • Telephone or email harassment

To begin the restraining order filing process, visit your local court and fill out the required court forms. There are no fees associated with filing these forms but it is advisable a family law attorney guides you through the process. If you are married to your abuser and are considering a more permanent separation, my office also assists with the process of filing for divorce.

What happens after I file a restraining order?

Once you have filed the paperwork for your temporary restraining order, a judge determines whether to grant the temporary orders requested based on the severity and type of abuse alleged. A second hearing must occur before a judge determines whether the temporary restraining orders should become permanent.

How does a restraining order protect me?

Restraining orders may ensure you and your family’s safety in a number of ways. The abusive person will be forced to:

  • Avoid contact with you and your children
  • Avoid contact with your relatives
  • Move from your home if you live together or avoid coming near your home or place of work
  • Avoid contact with your pets
  • Sell or turn into law enforcement his or her firearms
  • Provide spousal or partner support if you are married or domestic partners

A family lawyer in Santa Barbara provides legal help for victims of domestic violence

If your safety or that of your children is at risk, you need to act quickly. I, Mac Sanborn, can help. For a free consultation, call McCleary (Mac) H. Sanborn, III, Attorney at Law today at (805) 898-2501 or contact me online to make an appointment. With free parking, my office is conveniently located across from Whole Foods at State & Hitchcock, near La Cumbre Plaza.

McCleary ("Mac") H. Sanborn, III Attorney at Law
23 Hitchcock Way, Suite 106
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